Australian Bushfire Appeal

Raising funds for One Tree Planted Org.

Like most of the world, I was devastated by the news of the bushfires back home and felt totally helpless miles away living abroad.

"There must be something I can do!" I thought to myself. I devoted the next evening to a strategic planning session & bottle of white wine & realised I'll do what I've always done! Make headbands!

I've chosen 3 Aussie classics, printed using environmentally friendly inks on organic cotton sateen (let's try & get the "crisis" away from our climate, aye?).

Choose from the humble Bunnings Snag, everyone's favourite Arnott's bickie - the Iced Vovo, and the un-expected houseguest that's ok, but only if he stays up there in the corner, the redback spider.

Thanks to sudden (and also super extreme - wtf Australia...) rainfall, the tireless efforts of volunteer fire-fighters & millions & millions of dollars of celebrities money, the bushfires are slowly coming under control. But what about afterwards?

I've decided to donate all profits from the sale of these pieces to One Tree Planted who will come in after the fires have stopped to start the restoration process on the 15 million acres of bushland that has been destroyed.